What is ToBeeDo?

ToBeeDo is an online task management software with time tracking, real-time collaboration, Google Apps integration, docs attachments and other features.

Why another task manager?

People are different. But all the task managers online are the same, all of them are clones of the well known PM tool interface :). So, there are a lot of people that want fresh new look, faster and easier UI and we believe we can give it to you with ToBeeDo.

We are not going to make a mixer with CRM, Twitter, Social Network and other fancy stuff inside the task manager that allows you to do “everything”. ToBeeDo is going to be simple but powerful task manager.

One of our priority things is the integration with Google services such as Docs, Gmail, Calendar, Contacts. We are starting with Google Docs integration and looking forward to integrate with other services.

Google Apps Marketplace™

We are launching with Google Apps integration and ToBeeDo is available on Google Apps Marketplace. It’s mean you can install it on your domain with all of the benefits.

What in the Future? Roadmap.

The biggest features we are going to implement are:

  • Integration with Google services and FreshBooks
  • Public API
  • Mobile Clients (Android, iOS)
  • Full control using keyboard
  • Labels
  • Drag&Drop and sorting support
  • Tasklist sharing, archiving, printing and Tasklist templates

That’s not all. We have a lot of small features. If you have any suggestions or feature requests please send them to us using our form. Stay tuned and welcome to our journey.